Our Vision

Training Leaders, Planting Churches, Strengthening Believers

Our Mission

We Jesus said we are to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. This involves more than just reaching the lost. It means we must also provide Christians with practical training in both the Word and in leadership. If leaders are not produced, God's reach into the world will not be realized.


Where are we reaching?

Europe, Africa and the Middle East


How are We Accomplishing the Mission?

Providing Leadership Training

Leaders aren’t just born, they are intentionally developed.This requires on-going leadership training.

The unreached people groups in Europe, Africa and the Middle East will not be reached without Missionaries who are trained to go

The lost cannot be discipled without churches and Bible Colleges

Pastors cannot effectively lead a church alone. They must have leaders who are trained to help them fulfill the vision.

Bible Colleges cannot run without Campus Leadership Teams in place


Providing Church Planting Training

Churches must be strategically planted so the lost can be saved and discipled.

The number one way to reach the lost is by planting new churches.

New churches provide a safe place where new Christians can be nurtured and grow.

The Biblical model for church planting, is for Churches to plant Churches.


Establishing Bible Colleges

Bible Colleges expedite the spiritual growth of Christians, so they can fulfill their leadership roles.

Students who attend our RHEMA Bible College campuses receive the equivalent of 11 years of Sunday morning teaching, in only 1-3 years!

Churches cannot be planted without leaders who are trained to Pastor.