Meet the Fletchers

Our Past

Kevin grew up un-churched but hungry to know God. Susan grew up going to church, but in an unsaved family, until her dad became saved in 1972. Both of their families moved to Lakeland, Florida the same summer. They ended up living less than 1 mile from each other, but didn't meet until Susan started looking for a job. Kevin was working at McDonalds as a swing manager, when Susan came into apply. He thought she was cute, so he put in a good word for her. She got the job!

Soon after working together, Kevin gave his heart to the Lord. They were married in August of 1979, and three days later moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to attend Rhema Bible Training College.  They didn't realize the significance of their decision at that time, but the training they received at RBTC set the course for their lives and ministry.

Upon graduation from Rhema, the Fletchers felt they were to move to Minneapolis, where they walked into a divine connection with Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond. They became the first staff members of the Hammond's newly established church, Living Word Christian Center where they served faithfully for the next 22 years. As the church grew from about 100 people to about 10,000, they grew too - spiritually, in their leadership skills and in the practical areas of ministry.

In 2003 the Lord again spoke to their hearts to take a step of faith. They were sent out of LWCC to Alma, Arkansas where they took over an existing church. Less than one year later, they re-launched as Living Word River Valley, where they pastored for almost 8 years.

In 2010, they turned over their church to their son-in-law and daughter to focus on the next phase of ministry called Beyond International. This phase took them to live and work in Europe as the National Directors of Rhema Uk & Ireland. They lived in Northern Ireland, then Manchester, England before relocating to London in July of 2015.

Our Present
With three Rhema Bible College campus locations and a Rhema National Office established in the UK, Kevin and Susan are busy teaching, preaching and conducting leadership and church planting trainings in the UK, Europe and the USA. They are making plans to launch a church in the greater London area as well.

The Fletcher's greatest passion and joy is to see Believers walk in their call and fulfill their God-given destiny.

Kevin enjoys reading, walks with Susan, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Susan is passionate about prayer, enjoys reading, music, walking and spending time with Kevin. They both look forward to trips back to the USA to enjoy time with their two married children and 5 grandchildren.

Our Future
The future is bright! The Fletchers continue to pray into God's plan for this land, and will take the steps of faith necessary to keep moving the vision forward. More Rhema Bible College graduates are being produced every year. Churches are being planted. Leaders are being raised up. The result is that Nationals are being reached, but so are the nations! The affects of the Fletcher's mission is reaching into greater Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our Family Team
God has called the Fletchers as an entire family. Even though they live on separate continents, they work together as a family team. God's word to them was that something 'here' is connected to something 'there', and that together there would be an increase and acceleration of all God has asked them to do. Since this is the case, here is some information on the rest of the family team.

The Schlegels - Nate and Evan Schlegel pastor Beyond Church in Alma, AR. Beyond Church (formerly known as LWRV) is the church the Fletcher's founded and then turned over to Nate and Evan to pastor. It is also the Fletcher's sending church and continues to support Kevin and Susan financially, through prayer and practical help whenever they can. Both Nate and Evan are Rhema Graduates and have three sons, Matthew, Samuel and Caleb.

The Fletchers - After years of leading and serving at Beyond Church, Trent and Jessica Fletcher laid down their Paint Contracting business to attend Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, where they are preparing for ministry. Having always felt a call to the nations, Trent and Jessica plan to join Kevin and Susan in the UK to assist them with the vision. Trent and Jess have two children, Aaron and Taylor.